webinar May 25 info

UPCOMING WEBINAR – Finger Lakes Forecast: Reducing Flood Risks for Your Home, 5/25 at Noon! 

Join us on May 25th at Noon for “Finger Lakes Forecast: Reducing Flood Risks for Your Home” to learn how the recent changes to FEMA’s flood maps will affect you and your home. Hear Scott Doyle, formerly of Tompkins County Planning & Sustainability, Sally Hoyt of Tompkins Insurance Agencies, and Alan Springett, hydrologist and flood mitigation specialist, discuss…

Webinar: Addressing Bill Gates’ Climate Plan

On February 16, one of the richest men on earth, Bill Gates, will release his vision of climate solutions in his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”. Climate change is one of the crises used by Gates and his Foundation to justify urgent, technocratic “solutions” for altering food systems around the world. In response, AGRA Watch aims to amplify the work of social movements organizing in Seattle and around the world for Climate Justice. To counter top-down, billionaire expertise as the means of solving our world’s most pressing issues, panelists will present an alternative approach centered on Food Sovereignty, with communities leading the way to a climate just future.