Crystal City Creative Spaces

Crystal City | Creative Spaces is an exciting new “community-supported” property development company in Syracuse, New York. In short, this unique for profit (REIT) focuses on the adaptive re-use of older, ex-industrial properties in the greater Downtown area, creating adequate, affordable and efficient space for Syracuse’s “Creative Class”,“Greening” buildings, vacant lots and public spaces, jelping neighborhoods become more resilient, safe and community friendly; and creating new openings for economic development through Arts & Cultural activity.


Gourdlandia is the leader of the Farm-to-Bedside-Table movement, where lamps are grown organically, from seed to shining LED bulb! Pop into their store in EcoVillage, or take a class with them to learn about the process of growing gourds and turning them into lamps and other functional art! Groups of 6 or more get a $5 discount per person!

EcoVillage at Ithaca

Looking for a new place to live? Want to be a part of a sustainable community? EcoVillage at Ithaca is part of a growing global movement for a more sustainable human culture. Comprising an intentional community and a non-profit educational organization, the project is developing an alternative model for suburban living which provides a satisfying, healthy, socially rich lifestyle, while minimizing ecological impacts.

Tiny Timber LLC

Tiny Timber LLC provides affordable housing alternatives using natural, sustainable building materials and methods to create homes that fit in today’s world. Earlier this year, Tiny Timber went tiny! They now specialize in making affordable modular “tiny-houses” to fill the gap in middle-income housing in Ithaca. They are also an EnergyStar Partner and a living-wage employer. We applaud their commitment to their founding principles and to community wellbeing!

Anabel’s Grocery

Anabel’s Grocery provides nutritious, affordable food for all Cornell students through a student-run grocery store and offers educational programs that create a fun, inclusive, empowering community around quality food, food choices, wellness, and positive social change. They also feature a CSA pick-up site for Full Plate Farm Collective. For more info, visit their website.