Sporks to reduce waste in Ithaca area schools

(Tompkins Weekly, 11-8-23, by Jaime Cone Hughes) What is the answer to 268,740 problematic plastic utensils thrown away annually at Ithaca’s schools? It’s sporks, of course! Yayoi Koizumi, founder of Zero Waste Ithaca, had been looking for a way to help reduce the amount of plastic waste generated locally by using plastic utensils. Schools seemed…

Sign Petition to Help CUNY Divest!

Help CUNY University Student Senate in their campaign to get CUNY to divest from fossil fuels and pursue other sustainability initiatives on campus instead! A meeting of the CUNY board of trustees is just around the corner and USS is asking for supporting groups/NGOs to come out and strengthen their call for action. 350.org is signing on as a supporting organization! Come be a part of a great cause. The more groups, the better! If your group can support this effort, please send an email to Smitha Varghese (le*****************@us*****.org), the legislative director for CUNY Student Senate. Read the letter to CUNY Board of Trustees for more information.

Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats provides a food delivery service that is inclusive of food-insecure customers. Customers can order food from local restaurants on the app, and food-insecure customers will pay a discounted price. Non-food insecure customers and business partners can help bridge the 226 million meal gap in NYC & Tompkins County by using their services. Want to make some side money and support a sustainable business? Become a driver! All you need are working papers, a license and a car OR alternative mode of transport (like bike or scooter!)