Rosie is a grocery delivery service that works with your local grocers to bring you the food you’ve come to trust! They help grow the local economy by supporting and marketing local artisans, growers and producers who in turn hire more local workers, infuse money into the economy and foster strong local cultures. They also accept SNAP benefits, allowing greater access to food.

Floof Collage pARTy!

A fellow artist at the former Spirit and Kitsch gallery once told Corinne Stern, “I love the way you floof things up!” That comment inspired the name of Stern’s new enterprise, Floof Collage pARTy! Headquartered in Stern’s 500 square foot studio on Burleigh Road in Ithaca, the studio offers a mixed-media experience to unlock the inner artist. Decorate with a variety of materials, further embellish with a few more, and add a bit of something else for good measure. Many of her materials are recycled and repurposed!

Buy Nothing Groups

Buy Nothing groups create hyper-local gift economies. Simply join your local Facebook group, ask for what you need, gift what you don’t, and comment to claim! In the process you will get useful things for free, prevent waste, declutter your life, help out your neighbors, and form community connections that foster a spirit of generosity.

Jerry Dell Farm Store

Vaughn and Sue Sherman of Jerry Dell Farm have a mission to produce quality, fresh and local foods. They have been certified organic since 2000! Jerry Dell Farm Store, located at the Freeville location, offers certified organic produce (provided by Ithaca Organics), local free-range eggs, and their own Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese – as well as other Artisan raw milk cheeses from around the Finger Lakes.

OMG! (One Million Gallons)

Want your own rain garden or green roof? You may be eligible for one…..for free! OMG! (The One Million Gallons Community Partnership) is a program of Atlantic States Legal Foundation, with the goal of intercepting 1 million gallons of stormwater from the combined sewer system in Syracuse by 2025. Click here to learn more.

Food & Ferments

Kimchi, Kombucha, & Pickles, oh my (…….and dilly beans, and kvass, fireside tonic, and so much more)! Food & Ferments, a Cortland-based company makes naturally-fermented food and drink, and works with local farmers, retailers, & restaurants to help to bridge the gap the processed food era has made. We love it! Visit their Facebook page to keep up with them.

South Hill Cider

Got an apple tree? South Hill Cider wants your apples (and twigs)! The Finger Lakes Apple Tree Project is an effort to preserve species of native apple trees by using old twigs to propogate, and using native apples to create unique new varieties of cider! Cheers to these environmental stewards!

Cornell Small Farms Program

Cornell Small Farms Program is an offshoot of Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). They have information GALORE for aspiring and current small farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, livestock producers, and more. Check out their upcoming workshop series on everything under the sun, with tiered pricing based on income level. Their newsletter is also packed with news, funding opportunities, events, and more! Subscribe to keep up with them and take advantage of these resources.