Is it safe to swim in the lake?

This summer, as temperatures rise and nutrient and fertilizer runoff increases in the Finger Lakes, make sure you check the water before you jump in. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has a notification page and interactive map where you can check to see where harmful algal blooms (HABs) have been reported. Since exposure to…

Take Action: No fracked gas for Bitcoin mining

Companies are flocking to New York to re-open dirty old power plants to generate power for cryptocurrency mining operations.  The kind of cryptocurrency mining used to make Bitcoin, known as “proof of work,” uses thousands of computers to solve complex math equations. These computer farms are extremely energy-intensive. According to the New York Times, this practice consumes…

Climate Justice Rally – Tomorrow!

Join Sunrise Ithaca for a rally at the Bernie Milton Pavilion TOMORROW, Friday, March 25th at 4:30pm.  This rally is part of a wider Global Climate Strike, with a local goal of drawing attention to the social justice component of the Ithaca Green New Deal.   This will include a call to action for the City to take…

Understanding Extended Producer Responsibility & Advocating for Positive Change

“Extended Producer Responsibility,” sometimes shortened to EPR, is simply, and importantly, holding the producers of various items accountable for what they put out into the world. Rather than corporations being able to make anything – even products that are potentially harmful or polluting – then shift responsibility and blame to consumers/people using the product regarding…

Don’t Allow Bitcoin Mining to Expand

Please call Governor Hochul today, and ask her to deny Greenidge’s Title V Air Permit, which would allow for an expansion of Bitcoin mining, and adopt a moratorium on proof of work crypto, which would place a hold on certain cryptocurrency mining operations. You can use this dedicated hotline to make the call: (866) 942-5138!…

Climate Can’t Wait 2022

CLIMATE CAN’T WAIT 2022 is a team of over 30 organizations committed to mobilizing support for a comprehensive package of legislative policy proposals to move New York into the new renewable energy future. As our climate deteriorates causing death and destruction to communities across our state, nationally and worldwide, let our legislators know that New York must take rapid and bold action. On January 25, rise up with climate activists to demand that the New York State legislature take bold action on climate. 

Tell Gov. Hochul: Commit to green housing!

Before you unplug for the winter break, please join Renewable Heat Now for two quick actions to keep the pressure on Governor Hochul in advance of her State-of-the-State address on January 5th: 1) Call Governor Hochul at 877-235-6537. We’re asking her to commit to 2 million energy-efficient, all-electric homes by 2030 and a Green Affordable Housing Fund in her State-of-the-State address on January 5th. 2) Sign up to take part in this Twitter action to pressure Governor Hochul. You can participate even if you don’t use Twitter. There is a social media package with guidelines, ideas, and sample tweets to make it easy to participate.

Tell Gov. Hochul & Commissioner Rory Christian to halt the tax on solar

Starting next year, New York State utility companies will be charging new solar customers a Customer Benefit Contribution (CBC) charge. This new charge is effectively a tax on solar installations in New York. What is the CBC Charge? Rochester Gas & Electric, and LIPA will be applying a Customer Benefit Contribution (CBC) charge to the electric bills of solar owners whose systems were interconnected on or after this date. We expect this “solar tax” to cost New York solar owners $7-$10 per month. Where did this solar tax come from? Last year, NY State utility companies announced it would be making changes to its current Net Metering program. Some states have begun to do the same in order to address cost shifting. Utility companies claim that they need to charge their non-solar customers more money in order to make up for the revenue they lose from the Net Metering of clean energy.

Hold Gov. Hochul accountable for clean energy funds

Over the years, your advocacy in support of state spending to address climate change has been critical in building momentum toward a just and equitable fossil-free future. Please take action now to help ensure that climate and clean energy funds are spent on renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. A major hurdle to full investment in climate action has been that a portion of clean energy funds — generated by a regional fee on pollution and a charge on electricity – are spent elsewhere, helping to supplement general state spending. Since 2014, $228 million in clean energy funds have been directed to general state funding, depriving New Yorkers of funding that could have lowered energy bills and created good, green jobs. Given the tremendous need to reduce pollution across New York, especially in disadvantaged communities, we must no longer tolerate using these funds for anything but to support climate change programs to limit emissions. Click HERE to tell Governor Hochul she must now put this practice to an end.

The crypto line is open! Call before the end of the year!

Thanks to Food and Water Watch, there is now a line dedicated to Proof of Work Cryptocurrency. Please call (866) 942-5138 to be connected to Governor Hochul and ask her to: Put a pause on PoW crypto until the human health and environmental aspects can be studied. Have her DEC reject the Greenidge and Fortistar permits. If you tweet, please retweet this tweet which is a message to Governor Hochul. For more info on this issue, read this article.