Let’s rally for clean air & water!

With less than a month before voting starts, Environmental Advocates NY will be bringing together local elected officials and environmental advocates to rally in support of the state constitutional amendment that will be on your ballot (as Proposal #2) this fall that will give all New Yorkers a right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment. Come by to learn more about environmental rights and help spread the word about this important tool to ensure New York’s air, water, and environment are clean and healthy for generations to come!

We need your help to fight off the gas-guzzling crypto industry!

DEC will hold a public hearing on the air emissions from the Greenidge Plant on Oct 13th. In preparation for that hearing, on October 4 at 7:00 pm, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Seneca Lake Guardian, Food & Water Watch and Earthjustice are hosting a webinar, the Climate Consequences of Crypto-Currency: Speaking Out Against the Greenridge Fracked Gas Power Plant. This webinar will provide tips and tools for you to testify at the October 13th, 2021 public hearing on this dangerous project.

Help pass climate infrastructure legislation!

The Build Back Better Act is the strongest climate bill in our nation’s history. It would help enable clean energy, millions of new jobs, resilient infrastructure, and reduced energy costs for families like yours. Starting now – Join Congressional leaders calling on Congress to go BIG & BOLD on climate by passing the Build Back Better Act! Watch the livestream here (video will be available following the event if you missed it). It’s our job to help push this legislation too! Climate Power has made it easy. Just text ACT to 434-266-8464 and they will help you connect to your representative to demand support for the Build Back Better Act NOW.

Your help is needed to rebuild our food system!

Recently, 100 different farm, food, and environmental groups from around the country signed onto a reconciliation letter for food and agriculture. We want a reconciliation package to rebuild the food system in a just way that empowers communities of color, and benefits public health for everyone! Please help us share this letter and message so we can push for the boldest, most equitable and most effective investment in American agriculture + climate mitigation in history.

Fight for Energy Democracy in Rochester!

Our community deserves a utility that takes care of our energy needs. This Saturday, August 28th, Metro Justice’s Rochester for Energy Democracy Committee will canvass Rochester residents about establishing a pubilc utility to replace Rochester Gas & Electric. The canvass will take place from 1:00pm – 5:30pm, beginning at the Metro Justice office. Talking to your neighbors is a great first step towards getting them involved so that we have the people power to win. Lunch, coffee, and tea will be provided! There will be a brief training before participants split into pairs and depart for their turf. We will reconvene at the Metro Justice office by 5:00pm to hand in petitions and debrief. A script and FAQ will be posted in advance; please stay tuned.  

Exciting new activist opportunity for young people!

City and county governments that are not adequately addressing the climate crisis need to be called to account for failing to protect the basic human rights of their citizens, and who better to do this than the young people whose rights are being, and will be, most dramatically impacted? Enter Youth Climate Courts, a program where you can get together with other young activists (ages 14-26) and participate in real, local human rights trials about climate change. These youth courts contain youth judges, youth prosecuting attorneys and youth jury members. Youth leaders organize these trials and summon members of local government to attend and explain themselves against charges that that government is failing to adequately protect the basic human and constitutional rights of its citizens, especially of the children, in face of the threats of climate change.

Tell the Senate: No cutting corners on the Green New Deal!

Tuesday, August 3rd, more than 110 green, community, labor and faith groups recently released a letter urging President Biden and Congressional Democrat leaders to fund a 10-year, $42 trillion ecosocialist Green New Deal far larger than the $3.5 trillion stimulus package target pushed by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer says he intends to bring his $3.5 trillion economic stimulus package up for an initial vote before the August recess. It will need only 50 votes in the Senate. We need to urge the Democrats to support a much more robust climate investment – this may be our last best chance for game-changing funding, with the GOP likely regaining control of at least one House in 2022 (Note that the House is already in recess and probably will not vote until September. Also, this stimulus is in addition to the bipartisan infrastructure package they have agreed to).

Every Child Matters – Walk for Justice & Indigenous Ancestors

Tomorrow – SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2021 – at 10:00am, join the women of the Onondaga Nation as they walk for justice from the Onondaga Nation to Downtown Syracuse. Gather at the Onondaga Nation Arena (Tsha’ hoñnoñ yeñh dahkwa’ at) parking lot, Rt. 11 and march to the area formerly known as Columbus Circle. There will be a rally at 1:30 pm with speakers and singers. Within the last couple of months over 2500 unmarked graves of Indigenous children have been located on the grounds of the Institutions of Genocide aka “Residential Schools,” throughout Canada and the United States. We will walk in honor of them and the thousands of survivors who endured unspeakable inhumane treatment by the hand of priests, nuns and anyone else who were mandated by the United States Government to “Kill the Indian and Save the Man.”

Apply for the national award-winning Citizens Academy!

Citizens Academy is an interactive educational program of FOCUS Greater Syracuse that informs citizens about how local governments are organized and how services are funded and delivered. It is a place to learn about citizen involvement through an integrated approach to economic vitality, social equity and a healthy environment. Anyone can be an activist. But if you’re nervous to get involved because you don’t know the ins and outs of local government – this is the resource for you! Classes will run every Wednesday from September 15, 2021 through November 17, 2021 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Apply here by July 31st to be considered for this National Award Winning opportunity!

Show up for Green Amendment Day on July 13th!

Green Amendment Day is dedicated to education and engagement on the power of constitutional Green Amendments for protecting the rights of all people, including future generations, to a clean and healthy environment–with a particular focus on how Green Amendments transform our legal system to strengthen Environmental Justice. We’re challenging you to speak up and take action to demand environmental rights for ALL and to help spread the word across your community, state, and our nation.

Sign the petition to #MakePollutersPay!

Have you heard? Congress is finally getting ready to vote on a bill that would make polluters, not everyday families pay to clean up Superfund sites. Right now, we need to let our legislators know why bringing back the Polluters Pay Tax is so important — and we need your help to get out the message! If you believe polluters should pay to clean up their messes, use this link to send a letter to your representatives in support of the Superfund Polluters Pay Restoration Act of 2021. Polluters Pay is essential to protecting our communities from corporate pollution and holding polluters accountable for their toxic messes. Let’s show our reps in Washington that we will fight for Polluters Pay!

$20M dollars to “rescue” Tompkins County. How do you want to see it spent?

The Tompkins County Legislature is seeking community input on the use of $19.8 million in one-time funding made available through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP). Input is being sought through a survey asking Tompkins County residents to rank their top three priorities for the funds; priorities are limited to eight options clarified for local municipalities by the Federal Government. Results of the survey will inform discussions by the Legislature, including at the June 30, 5:30pm expanded Budget Committee of the Tompkins County Legislature where Legislators will begin the process of planning how best to spend and/or invest ARP funds.