We must tell the Public Service Commission: New Yorkers deserve better than Holtec!

We must speak out! New Yorkers deserve better than Holtec! Entergy (current owner) is asking the PSC to approve the transfer of Indian Point Nuclear Plant and the associated $1.6 billion decommissioning trust fund to a joint venture of Holtec International and SNC-Lavalin (henceforth Holtec). Holtec has been cited for malfeasance, safety violations, financial misdealings, and corruption. This track record should disqualify Holtec from obtaining the licence to decommission Indian Point and gaining control of the $1.6 billion Decommissioning Trust Fund. Many organizations that follow nuclear industry issues believe Holtec is unfit to manage Indian Point and the trust fund because Holtec has no experience decommissioning nuclear power plants and is likely to cut corners to maximize its profits as shown by its long history of lies, bribes and risk-taking.

Take the Tompkins Food Future survey!

Tompkins County residents are invited to share their thoughts on our local food system and their priorities for improving it in a brief online survey hosted by Tompkins Food Future, a community-based planning initiative. The survey will remain open through 3/5/21. It takes 10 minutes or less to complete, and you can take it here! Survey responses will provide an overview of the challenges, strengths and needs of our community, and will be used to develop a comprehensive food system plan and recommendations, to be distributed in May 2022.

Greenstar leads the push for a Living Wage, Sign petition for county-wide living wage in Tompkins

“GreenStar Food Coop, with over 200 employees, has become the largest Living Wage Certified employer in Tompkins County that is not a government organization. The Tompkins County Living Wage is currently $15.37/hour, and there are now 124 certified employers”, the Tompkins County Workers Center reports, for whom this is a major victory. Read more about it here. Like the sound of this? Check out the full list of Living Wage employers (including Sustainable Tompkins!), and sign the petition for a county-wide living minimum wage (right now, it’s $15.37 in Tompkins County, and calculated every two years by Alternatives Federal Credit Union).

Tell Ithaca: Let’s do better!

Back in 2017, the City and Town of Ithaca proposed a “green building policy” for new construction and major renovations that was pretty advanced for its time… in 2017. Now, in 2021, the City and Town are proposing to vote on it. However, policy that was advanced in 2017 is not advanced today … they need to strengthen the law before passing it. YOU CAN HELP! Here are 3 easy actions for you to take before the public hearing TOMORROW. It will make a big difference to our representatives to know they have support for this important policy from a broad base of the community.

Help NYS Go Renewable!

TOMORROW (Thursday, 2/4/21) from 3:00pm – 5:00pm is the NYS Energy Efficiency and Housing Climate Action Council Subcommittee meeting. This is the only opportunity for public input before this body gives their recommendation to the State Climate Action Council. We are advocating for an ambitious sunset plan for gas in all buildings beginning with new construction. The timeline below would end fossil fuels in new single-family homes by 2025 and end new and replacement fossil fuel heating system sales by 2030. Sign up to speak for 2 minutes!

Fight for our local economy!

e Ithaca Common Council will be voting this coming Wednesday, February 3rd, to stipulate that the new Green Street residential tower, parking garage and conference center in Ithaca be built with a minimum of 30% local labor (defined as being Tompkins County and all contiguous Counties). Please contact Council as soon as possible to support this, which you can easily do with one e-mail to council@cityofithaca.org (the Mayor will also receive this). This requirement will mean more good jobs for people who live and pay taxes in this area.

TONIGHT @7PM! Fight Bitcoin Mining on Seneca Lake

The Town of Torrey has referred the matter of expanding the Greenidge Power Plant (AKA Bitcoin Mine) to the Yates County Planning Board, which meets TONIGHT, January 28th at 7:00 pm. This referral is basically an admission by the Town Planning Board that it should have consulted the County Board originally, as required by Law prior to issuing the conditioned negative declaration and issuing the site permit. The Town must start the SEQR review process over and conduct a complete environmental review, including requiring DEC participation and a full Environmental Impact Statement.

Tell Biden — Let’s Build Back Fossil Free

Please join the Build Back Fossil Free campaign on Tuesday, January 26 at 8pm ET for a digital rally calling on President Biden to take bold executive action to end the era of fossil fuel production, protect communities reeling from the climate and COVID-19 crises, and build back fossil free. The digital rally will feature frontline leaders fighting toxic fossil fuel projects and lay the groundwork for a coordinated organizing push to build on this week’s momentum.

Make Polluters Pay!

Thanks to the hard work of grassroots activists, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) was passed by NYS legislators. It is the nation’s most progressive piece of climate justice legislation, which pledges to eliminate greenhouse emissions in the next 30 years. Now it’s time to #PassTheCCIA! The Climate & Community Protection Act will #MakePollutersPay and create 150,000 NEW GREEN JOBS IN NYS! Want to plug in? Thankfully, NY Renews has outlined some ways you can take action.

Tell Cuomo to Say NO to Greenidge!

Greenidge is an inefficient gas-fired powered plant on the west side of Seneca Lake that wants to expand its energy generation NOT for public use, but for their own private Bitcoin operation. They want to withdraw nearly 160 millions of gallons of lake water each day, and return it to a trout stream that feeds back into the lake. Discharge temperatures could be as hot as 108 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hotter than most hot tubs, and would be uncomfortable for humans, let alone trout, who prefer water from 40 to 52 degrees F. Please tell Governor Cuomo to deny the stormwater permit for this facility and to revoke already issued permits.