Missing Deadline to Install Fish Screens, Greenidge Plant Begins Sixth Year of Harming Aquatic Life in Seneca Lake

Greenidge Generation missed its deadline from the Department of Environmental Conservation to install fish screens on its water intake pipe, which puts the aquatic life in the Seneca Lake in danger. For more information, read this blog post by Peter Mantius: https://waterfrontonline.blog/2022/10/01/missing-deadline-to-install-fish-screens-greenidge-plant-begins-sixth-year-of-harming-aquatic-life-in-seneca-lake/

Finger Lakes Forecast Webinars Resume September 28

Every day around the world escalating climate disruption is taking lives, property and economic stability from communities. It will get much worse if we don’t reduce emissions by transitioning to cleaner sources of power. But where should we put the solar and wind farms we are going to need? NYS has set a goal of providing 100% of our electrical…