No more road salt!

While we need to use road salt to keep roadways safe in the ice and snow, the accumulation of salt that washes into waterways has unintended consequences on aquatic life. It also largely contributes to Harmful Algal Blooms, which have been a major problem in the Finger Lakes Region for years. Using this much imported salt is also expensive in terms of both money and carbon emissions. Fortunately, practical alternatives are starting to emerge; namely, salt brine and live-blade plows (which you can learn more about in the article below). Over the course of 2 years testing these alternatives, communities around Lake George cut their salt usage in half, “a drop that maintenance officials say can’t be explained by weather variations”.

Free Seedlings Available for Streamside Plantings

Residents living along streams and other waterbodies are encouraged to participate in the DEC’s “Buffer in a Bag” program. The goal of the Buffer in a Bag program is to increase forested riparian buffers across the state by encouraging landowners to undertake small-scale plantings. Streamside plantings help decrease erosion, slow floodwaters, and protect fish and wildlife habitat.

Eliminate Gas Leaf Blowers in NYS May 1 – Sept 30

The gas-powered leaf blower is responsible for a significant amount of fossil fuel use, as well as noise and air pollution. Our cars and trucks require strict emissions testing and regulation. The 2-stroke engines in gas leaf blowers (GLBs) lacks emission control components, releasing 300 times the levels of hydrocarbons as vehicles on the road. According to the California Air Resources Board, running one for 1 hour is equivalent to the pollutants released by driving a car 1100 miles.

Free Webinar on Reuse & Repair: Creating New Jobs and Enterprises through Zero Waste – Wed., April 7 at 2 pm

Around the country, businesses with a social mission are turning reuse, repair, and deconstruction into engines of job creation and job training for hard-to-employ populations, while also achieving meaningful environmental goals. Some of these businesses have been credited with reducing the recidivism of formerly incarcerated employees to practically zero. Come learn about deconstruction/salvaging, which creates jobs, reduces waste, and saves money!


The film THE STORY OF PLASTIC is a battle cry for the current movement to reduce plastic pollution, and a reality check for the narrative around plastics by revealing how the entire production system pollutes and marginalizes communities, long before plastic pollution makes its way into the ocean. It was called “the most important documentary of the year” by Indie NYC. Register here for free!

Ask Cuomo to protect the Finger Lakes!

Please call Cuomo’s office and put pressure on him and the DEC to protect quality of life and our local economy in the Finger Lakes. WE RESIST BEING A SACRIFICE ZONE FOR WALL STREET! Call him today at 518-474-8390 and tell him he can make it up to his constituents by getting involved and telling Wall Street and greedy outside corporations to take a hike. Our lakes can’t take any more human pressure on them – especially for something as wasteful as bitcoins.

Stop Utility Shutoffs!

Will you help get 100 emails to the Public Service Commission (PSC) today? This would help in the efforts to head off a flurry of utility shutoffs slated to start next week. New York’s utility shutoff moratorium ends on March 28, and word is that the utilities are getting ready to start shutoffs on Monday, March 29. It’s important for the PSC to tell the utilities NOT TO DISCONNECT ANYONE.

Vote for the Green Amendment in NY

Watch for it and vote yes! This November, we will decide whether the state constitution should be amended to include a right to clean air and water, as well as a “healthy environment”, aka the Green Amendment! Who wouldn’t want that? Turns out, we may be facing some tough opposition. Read this article to learn more.

Win a Tesla!

Yes, you read that right! A lucky winner will go home with a 2020 Tesla Model 3, ($36,000) ARV, in the Friends of Rogers Electric Car Raffle 2021. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $25, 15 for $50, 35 for $100 or 200 for $500 and benefit Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center.