Sponsor Spotlight: Roger Beck

.Thank you to Roger Beck of Beck Equipment for being our sponsor of the Home Page of the Sustainable Finger Lakes website, and the sponsor of the Democracy & Justice page on the Sustainability map. Roger is a long-time donor of Sustainable Tompkins, and has been a member of our Board of Directors for the past 6 years. These most recent sponsorships amount to $5,000, but over the course of his relationship with ST, he has donated over $27,000 in total. Roger is a rockstar! Roger’s company, Beck Equipment, services and rents out construction equipment in the Ithaca area. But Beck Equipment is just one part of Roger’s unique journey to Sustainable Tompkins…

Resources on Heat Pumps

Need help determining the heat pump system that might be best for your home? NYSERDA has developed the Heat Pump Planner tool to help you learn more about heat pump technology, the types available, installation and operation costs, and questions to ask an installer. Check it out!

Find a CCIA rally near you!

We only have until June 10th to pass the CCIA this year. So, NYRenews is having rallies all across the state on Tuesday, May 18th! Now that we are nearing the end of this legislative session, it is crunch time to lift up our champions and build pressure on the major political players left to join us. Find a rally near you!

Like to bike? Become a Bike Mentor!

Mentors will receive extensive training and support to be able to help teach people how to bike, encourage more bicycling this summer with fun activities, and connect folks to all the bicycling resources available in our community. And you may qualify for a $1,200 scholarship!

Become a Climate Steward!

Climate Stewards is a new volunteer program through Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County that builds upon the successful models of CCE’s existing Master Gardener and Master Composter volunteer programs. Trainees will learn what is already taking place in Tompkins County to combat climate change, and how, as volunteers, they can help our municipalities implement even more changes.

Elderberry Pond

Elderberry Pond is a USDA Certified Organic Farm, fine dining restaurant, & country foods store. Stop by and enjoy dinner at the restaurant made of repurposed materials. It overlooks the orchards, vineyards and 36 acres of seasonal vegetable plantings. Their menu features fresh produce picked daily, pasture raised meats from the farm, organic & biodynamic…

Hooray! Indian Point nuclear plant shuts down for good!

This Saturday, April 30th, the last reactor at the Indian Point nuclear plant will shut down for good. This closure was hard won after decades of activism by dozens of organizations* and thousands of individuals. Indian Point needs to close because it poses a threat to the safety, health, and environment of downstate New York. Here are some events you can attend to celebrate this victory…

Film: 8 Billion Angels

8 BILLION ANGELS weaves together the voices of people around the world as they confront the growing impact of overpopulation on their lives and the planet. It dispels the misperceptions that technology can save us, that reducing consumption is the answer, and that the blame lies solely in the developing world.