The Smith Opera House

For more than a century the Smith Opera House has thrived as the center stage of the Finger Lakes, offering quality performing arts and cultural opportunities for area residents and regional visitors. Occupied approximately 250 nights per year with events open to the public, the theatre is an ongoing symbol of historic preservation, non-profit perseverance, and artistic excellence. For more info, visit their facebook page.


HeatSmart, a program of Solar Tompkins, is a nonprofit community-based organization focused on promoting the rapid adoption of renewable energy in Tompkins County, NY. They work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Tompkins County by facilitating the adoption of home insulation, sealing, and heat pump technologies for heating and cooling. 
They provide residents with the information, confidence, and value they need to transition their homes toward zero net carbon emissions, strengthening local markets for renewable energy and energy efficiency. To learn more, and to access HeatSmart designers and installers, visit the NYSERDA website.

Seneca Towns Engaging People for Solutions (STEPS)

STEPS is a neighborhood health improvement project for southern Seneca County, New York, specifically Covert, Lodi, Ovid and Romulus, with a mission to strengthen families, address challenges that are part of rural life, grow a sustainable regional economy, cultivate leadership, encourage initiative, and foster respect for all. They offer cooking classes, herbalism classes, and all things of the sort! For more info, visit their website.

Ensure a Just Transition for Former-Coal Plants

Fossil Free Tompkins has joined with Sierra Club in crafting this letter to Governor Cuomo – asking that he ensure that the plants surrender their air emissions permits, there is a solid worker transition plan in place, that toxic materials, including coal ash landfills, are properly managed, monitored and treated, that the new facilities operate with high levels of energy efficiency, that utility scale solar development is supported at both sites, and that there is adequate funding to enable the transition from coal plants to data centers.

Lansing Coal Plant Shuts Down After 64 years

Victory for Finger Lakes protection activists! A coal plant, owned by Heorot Power, on the shores of Cayuga Lake in North Lansing has ceased power generation this past week after 64 years of coal-burning. Plans for the existing building are still being deliberated, as ideas to convert the facility to burn natural gas or a data center were shot down. Heorot’s VP, Jerry Goodenough, said the company will monitor the leftover coal ash landfill for 30 years and has set aside a $7-million bond for remediation. To learn more, click here.

Syracuse Sustainable Energy Expo!

This October 28th, a professional business event will be held to provide engineers, contractors, developers, architects, energy consultants, bankers and others involved in the building trade an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in non-fossil fuel energy solutions and how they can be integrated into new and existing building projects. The show will also feature a full day of seminars with nationally-recognized expert speakers who will present on various types of non-fossil fuel sustainable energy systems, advanced construction techniques and financing options. Breakfast and lunch are included with your registration and a MacBook Air will be given to a lucky attendee! For more info, go here.

HeatSmart Events

Get PUMPED, y’all! In just a week (September 7th, from 10am – 12pm) Solar Tompkins and HeatSmart Tompkins is holding another home tour, where you can learn about how switching to an energy efficient and cost effective heat pump has been a total game-changer for a family in Groton, NY. Can’t make it? There will be a presentation the next day (Sept. 8th from 2-4pm) at the Ithaca Waldorf School! Swing through! For more info on the home tour, click here and here for more info on the presentation!

We Need YOUR Signature on a New Letter to Governor Cuomo About the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis!

NYS Legislature and Governor have been urged to take action against the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by banning the use of medically important antibiotics in food-producing animals. As you all know, the threat of a post-antibiotic world is real and dangerous, and we can’t afford to wait on the FDA to take meaningful action when it comes to agricultural policy regarding antibiotics use.