Free Plum Trees for Farmers!

Khuba International offers equity-based scholarships for participation in the Learning Farm’s Outdoor School in Enfield. They are currently looking for business sponsorship from farms! — support the participation of income-challenged and racially-excluded children in education in the natural world. Farms that choose to participate will receive two pollination-partner plum tree starts as a gift from The Learning Farm and other collaborating farms!

We Need Your Stories, Tompkins Residents!

We are collecting local stories that highlight the ways our values, thoughts, actions, and policies are shifting in order to create a more just and resilient Tompkins County. This is an opportunity to explore how you are responding to the pandemic, and what solutions or signs of transformation you see emerging. Use whatever medium you like: self-made video or recorded audio (1-3 minutes and horizontal orientation, preferably), written story (200-400 words), or original works of art or poetry. We will share the stories through multiple media to a broad range of audiences.

Creekside Cafe

This Trumansburg cafe serves breakfast and lunch that is delicious, locally sourced, and farm-to-table! They offer takeout every weekend, and this weekend they’re featuring Down East Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese with a panko-parmesan crust. Visit their website to see their menu and place an order!

The Bioscience Resource Project

The Bioscience Resource Project is an educational nonprofit which provides tons of scientific resources, with unique and revealing perspectives on issues that are fundamental to the survival of people and the planet. It publishes Independent Science News, a media service devoted to food and agriculture. They’ve also got internships and trainings for students! Check out some of their recent publications: ‘Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist his War on Life’ and ‘Why We Need A Small Farm Future.’

Clean Heat Webinar this Thursday!

Achieving carbon neutrality in the building sector will require converting 100% of the fuels used for heating and cooling to zero carbon sources. Most technology applications to date have been implemented on a building-by-building basis, an approach that tends to limit the speed of transition, reduce efficiency gains, and depress the participation of low-income residents. A possible alternative is for an energy utility to transition an entire street to networked geothermal, which has potential for lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved air quality.

Environmental groups earn unprecedented climate concessions in NYSEG/RG&E gas rate case

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) today approved a precedent-setting agreement hammered out between grassroots environmental groups, the NYSEG and RG&E utilities, and energy regulators to stop growing gas sales and turn toward renewable heating alternatives, while keeping gas rate increases low. The PSC additionally agreed with grassroots environmentalists and consumer advocates that the utilities’ proposed electric rate increases were too high and ruled to reduce them to 2% per year or less.

Help Eliminate Nonessential Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Please consider signing the petition calling on the NYS legislature and Governor Cuomo to identify and eliminate all nonessential fossil fuel subsidies and sharing it on your social media platforms. The Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative signed a letter in support of the relevant bill (A257C) in August. At this point, as part of its lobbying campaign, the New York Youth Climate Leaders coalition is asking for individual signers. Only 600 signatures left to meet their goal of 2,000. Let’s help them meet it!

Finger Lakes Wine Flour

These friends make flours from from 100% locally-grown grape seeds and skins and process them at their mill in Hector, NY! Wine flour can be used to supplement flour in other recipes with flavor, color and nutrition. In addition to antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, each tablespoon adds two grams of protein and three grams of fiber. Visit their website to order some of their autumnal cupcakes (which can also be made to accommodate our gluten-free pals)! They’re selling out quick!

Habitat for Humanity of Tompkins and Cortland Counties

Habitat for Humanity partners with local first-time homebuyers to help them build or improve a place to call home! Recipients work alongside volunteers to build their home, and pay an affordable mortgage when its completed….These mortgage payments are then used to fund the construction of more Habitat homes! This helps strengthen the local economy and improve community connections. Want to help out? You can certainly help build, but theres also plenty of other ways to get involved. Do you identify as a woman and want to expand your handy skills while giving back to the community? Check out their Woman Build Program!

Vonnie’s Kitchen

Vonnie’s Kitchen is a Black-Owned, Woman-Owned, Food-To-Go business that offers delicious Caribbean and Dominican-style dinners every Saturday, with plant-based options! Owner, Vonnie, moved here from the Bronx and is a single mom trying to put herself through school. Let’s help her find success in Ithaca! Order by Thursday via her website for pick-up or delivery Saturday.

Coalition for Healthy School Food

This Ithaca 501(c)(3) nonprofit introduces plant-based foods and nutrition education in schools through interactive classroom visits, after-school cooking classes, and more! They also focus on exercise, kindness to animals, and intersectional issues, like race and the environment. Their goal is to educate entire school communities; not just students, but also parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and food service personnel. Visit their website to learn about this organization and for policy updates on this cause!

Second Wind Cottages

Second Wind Cottages houses and walks with people toward restored lives. They built cottages for homeless men in Newfield with a supportive environment- facilitating regular meetings with the men and also providing drug and alcohol counseling, GED assistance, Christian fellowship and support, life skills training, meals and social events such as movie nights with other residents and the larger community, laundry facilities, exercise equipment, and a food pantry! Our largest Climate Fund grant ever was given to Second Wind to pay for the insulation in all six of their first cottages in Newfield! Thanks to all those who offset their carbon emissions with us through Finger Lakes Climate Fund! Next on the agenda is a home for women in Dryden on donated land, which they hope to start building in Spring of 2021 – Donate here to help bring this dream to fruition!

Animal Rights Rochester

These friends support animal rights and the vegan ethic in the Rochester area by educating the public about specific animal issues, raising awareness of and expressing dissent against examples of exploitation and abuse, and advocating for more compassion. Visit their Facebook page to learn how you can get involved!

CNY Solidarity Coalition

CNY Solidarity Coalition is a grassroots group dedicated to tearing down the walls that divide and impoverish people, opposing any effort to register, detain, deport, or attack their neighbors, providing refuge for those in danger or need, and protecting water, air, and land. They aim to protect and fight alongside people of color, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+ people, the Muslim community, the Jewish community, women, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, the deaf community, teachers, scientists, environmentalists, and all other marginalized and oppressed groups that are likely to be targeted in these uncertain times. Visit their website to learn more about their incredible work!

Hunt Country Vineyards on Keuka Lake

These folks are sustainability superstars! They’ve super-insulated all of the production, storage, and retail buildings, and have installed efficient lighting throughout their facilities. They also had a geothermal heating/cooling system installed and a 348-panel solar system. These improvements allowed them to reduce their carbon impact by nearly half! They’ve also got 24 acres of land that are certified organic and soil that uses compost and poultry manure only. Bravo, Hunt Country Vineyards! Be sure to check out their website for info on the vineyard and upcoming Nature Workshops.