Tell Cuomo to Say NO to Greenidge!

Greenidge is an inefficient gas-fired powered plant on the west side of Seneca Lake that wants to expand its energy generation NOT for public use, but for their own private Bitcoin operation. They want to withdraw nearly 160 millions of gallons of lake water each day, and return it to a trout stream that feeds back into the lake. Discharge temperatures could be as hot as 108 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hotter than most hot tubs, and would be uncomfortable for humans, let alone trout, who prefer water from 40 to 52 degrees F. Please tell Governor Cuomo to deny the stormwater permit for this facility and to revoke already issued permits.


Today, Congress will vote to move forward with Trump’s impeachment. There may not be enough time to remove him from office before Inauguration Day – BUT, he CAN be found guilty of inciting insurrection by trial, which would prevent him from ever running for any office ever again. We need our representatives to help us now! Visit this website made by Tiktok user @sewpheeyuh to email letters to your representatives demanding accountability and calling for resignation of insurrectionists. Simply type in your zip code to find your representatives and emails will be automatically generated. You can send these to your reps by following the links provided. Then send letters to the other insurrectionists! The process could not be easier. Stand up for democracy TODAY!

City of Geneva Police Reform and Reinvention Collective Group Wants to Hear from You!

The City of Geneva Police Reform and Reinvention Collective Group has posted a public survey to assist in the development of the plan required by Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 203. Part of this process involves listening and learning from members of the community about their perspectives, experiences and interactions (both positive and negative) with the City of Geneva Police Department.

Buy Nothing Groups

Buy Nothing groups create hyper-local gift economies. Simply join your local Facebook group, ask for what you need, gift what you don’t, and comment to claim! In the process you will get useful things for free, prevent waste, declutter your life, help out your neighbors, and form community connections that foster a spirit of generosity. Buy Nothing groups have truly taken off: “As of January, 2020 the Buy Nothing Project has at least 1.2 million participants in at least 25 countries, led by at least 6,000 volunteers”(Buy Nothing website). Want to join? Click here to see the map of Buy Nothing Groups and find one in your neighborhood!

Jerry Dell Farm Store

Vaughn and Sue Sherman of Jerry Dell Farm have a mission to produce quality, fresh and local foods. They have been certified organic since 2000! Jerry Dell Farm Store, located at the Freeville location, offers certified organic produce (provided by Ithaca Organics), local free-range eggs, and their own Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese – as well as other Artisan raw milk cheeses from around the Finger Lakes. They also offer organically pasteurized frozen beef, maple syrup and raw honey. And, they’re certified to sell raw organic milk to the public. All produce is grown within 3 miles by Ithaca Organics, owned by Trever Sherman. Check out Jerry Dell Farm’s Facebook page to learn more about them!

Sign on to keep carcinogens out of Delaware River!

Sign this petition to stop the fracked gas export terminal in the Delaware River! Tell New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Delaware Governor John Carney, and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to STOP the approval of a fracked gas export facility. The proposed project by New Fortress Energy will violate the Clean Water Act and reverse decades of work to eliminate PCB pollution in the Delaware River. This river provides drinking water for over 15 million people. They have 14,460/15,000 signatures…only a few more to go! Sign on TODAY!

Climate Change Exhibit opens at Museum of the Earth, Ithaca

The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) announced the opening of the Warren D. Allmon Changing Climate: Our Future, Our Choice Exhibit – including a permanent exhibit at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, as well as an online version that can be accessed anywhere in the world. As of December 26th, the physical exhibit is now open. Some features of this new exhibit include a feedback station where visitors can voice their opinions, a digital map that lets you explore energy sources across the U.S., and a miniature house where you can make energy choices and calculate its carbon footprint. The Museum of the Earth is limiting the number of visitors inside, so be sure to make a reservation to secure your spot! Read the full article by the Ithaca Times to learn more.

Friends of Rogers

Rogers Environmental Education Center, also known as Friends of Rogers, in Sherburne, NY, is a place for hiking, birding, and nature-appreciating. They also have programs for adults, camps for kids, and other educational events that make use of 600 acres of protected land. Join them for storytime & a hike any Wednesday morning — fun for all ages! Or, snowshoe with them on Jan. 14th and 30th. Right now they have *2 PAID INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE* Visit their website or their Facebook page to learn more about their programs and opportunities.

OMG! (One Million Gallons)

Want your own rain garden or green roof? You may be eligible for one…..for free! OMG! (The One Million Gallons Community Partnership) is a program of Atlantic States Legal Foundation, with the goal of intercepting 1 million gallons of stormwater from the combined sewer system in Syracuse by 2025. Click here to learn more.

Food & Ferments

Kimchi, Kombucha, & Pickles, oh my (…….and dilly beans, and kvass, fireside tonic, and so much more)! Food & Ferments, a Cortland-based company makes naturally-fermented food and drink, and works with local farmers, retailers, & restaurants to help to bridge the gap the processed food era has made. We love it! Visit their Facebook page to keep up with them.