Tell Gov. Hochul & Commissioner Rory Christian to halt the tax on solar

Starting next year, New York State utility companies will be charging new solar customers a Customer Benefit Contribution (CBC) charge. This new charge is effectively a tax on solar installations in New York. What is the CBC Charge? Rochester Gas & Electric, and LIPA will be applying a Customer Benefit Contribution (CBC) charge to the electric bills of solar owners whose systems were interconnected on or after this date. We expect this “solar tax” to cost New York solar owners $7-$10 per month. Where did this solar tax come from? Last year, NY State utility companies announced it would be making changes to its current Net Metering program. Some states have begun to do the same in order to address cost shifting. Utility companies claim that they need to charge their non-solar customers more money in order to make up for the revenue they lose from the Net Metering of clean energy.