Hold Gov. Hochul accountable for clean energy funds

Over the years, your advocacy in support of state spending to address climate change has been critical in building momentum toward a just and equitable fossil-free future. Please take action now to help ensure that climate and clean energy funds are spent on renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. A major hurdle to full investment in climate action has been that a portion of clean energy funds — generated by a regional fee on pollution and a charge on electricity – are spent elsewhere, helping to supplement general state spending. Since 2014, $228 million in clean energy funds have been directed to general state funding, depriving New Yorkers of funding that could have lowered energy bills and created good, green jobs. Given the tremendous need to reduce pollution across New York, especially in disadvantaged communities, we must no longer tolerate using these funds for anything but to support climate change programs to limit emissions. Click HERE to tell Governor Hochul she must now put this practice to an end.

The crypto line is open! Call before the end of the year!

Thanks to Food and Water Watch, there is now a line dedicated to Proof of Work Cryptocurrency. Please call (866) 942-5138 to be connected to Governor Hochul and ask her to: Put a pause on PoW crypto until the human health and environmental aspects can be studied. Have her DEC reject the Greenidge and Fortistar permits. If you tweet, please retweet this tweet which is a message to Governor Hochul. For more info on this issue, read this article.