BOCES offers Heat Pump Installation course

A new cycle of classes will start on January 11th, 2022! This course will be a 20-hour basic installation of low ambient mini-split heat pump class. This class will focus on the skills needed for an entry-level position as an installer of residential heat pump systems. Students will learn the basic skills and gain hands-on experience using the tools, equipment, and best practices for installing heat pump systems in cold climates. Upon successful completion of the program, a TST BOCES certificate will be issued.

It’s time to change NYS’ recycling system!

Recycling has a big problem and consumer brand owners need to be a part of the solution! Please consider supporting NYS S.1185A, an Extended Producer Responsibility bill for Consumer Packaging and Printed Paper. How you can support this bill: Please let your State Assembly Member know you support this bill! Use this easy tool to find your assembly member – When you find them, click the Contact button to see their phone number and a form where you can leave a comment. Contact your local government officials and indicate it is time to fix our states recycling system. If you don’t know who that is, use this page to find your county’s website.

Help save public land on Cayuga Lake!

After nearly 100 years as an incredible waterfront recreational property, Camp Barton is in danger of being sold and subdivided! Please help us stop this process! We saved the Bell Station property from development on the East side of Cayuga Lake now it’s time to save Camp Barton on the West side. What you can do: Please add your name to the petition: “Governor Kathy Hochul: Save Camp Barton!” Please include your personal connection to Camp Barton in the comments section – if you have one. Share it with your networks! We need to get thousands of signatures ASAP to get the attention of our Governor.