June Events

How will you support the sustainability movement this month? Will you thrift to fund grassroots initiatives? Take an educational hike to learn about invasive species? Rally with us to fight bitcoin mining? Explore the full calendar of events here.

Bitcoin Protest Saturday, June 5th in Avon, NY. Bus rides available!

“In our efforts to nip an extractive, exploitative industry in New York in the bud, we are hosting a critical demonstration at the DEC Region 8 Headquarters this coming Saturday, June 5th. We have media interest from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, China, and national news (CBS, NBC, ABC, Now This News). This is our opportunity to put pressure on Governor Cuomo to put his money where his mouth is, If he wants to be a leader on Climate, he must act on the extractive industry of Proof of Work cryptocurrency, which could cripple New York’s climate goals. Please share these memes, tweet them, do whatever you can to encourage people to SHOW UP on Saturday, June 5th.