The film THE STORY OF PLASTIC is a battle cry for the current movement to reduce plastic pollution, and a reality check for the narrative around plastics by revealing how the entire production system pollutes and marginalizes communities, long before plastic pollution makes its way into the ocean. It was called “the most important documentary of the year” by Indie NYC. Register here for free!

Ask Cuomo to protect the Finger Lakes!

Please call Cuomo’s office and put pressure on him and the DEC to protect quality of life and our local economy in the Finger Lakes. WE RESIST BEING A SACRIFICE ZONE FOR WALL STREET! Call him today at 518-474-8390 and tell him he can make it up to his constituents by getting involved and telling Wall Street and greedy outside corporations to take a hike. Our lakes can’t take any more human pressure on them – especially for something as wasteful as bitcoins.