We must tell the Public Service Commission: New Yorkers deserve better than Holtec!

We must speak out! New Yorkers deserve better than Holtec! Entergy (current owner) is asking the PSC to approve the transfer of Indian Point Nuclear Plant and the associated $1.6 billion decommissioning trust fund to a joint venture of Holtec International and SNC-Lavalin (henceforth Holtec). Holtec has been cited for malfeasance, safety violations, financial misdealings, and corruption. This track record should disqualify Holtec from obtaining the licence to decommission Indian Point and gaining control of the $1.6 billion Decommissioning Trust Fund. Many organizations that follow nuclear industry issues believe Holtec is unfit to manage Indian Point and the trust fund because Holtec has no experience decommissioning nuclear power plants and is likely to cut corners to maximize its profits as shown by its long history of lies, bribes and risk-taking.