Sign Petition – Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies from NYS Budget

The Youth Climate Leaders group is leading the fight to have hundreds of millions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies cut from New York’s 2021-22 budget. As the climate crisis intensifies and the budget deficit looms, eliminating non-essential fossil fuel subsidies is indispensable in the fight for environmental and economic justice. Ending fossil fuel subsidies is already widely supported in the legislature – the senate counterpart of A257C passed this past year. Your support will help tip the scales this budget season. Please sign on here no later than Monday, December 28th.

Cornell Small Farms Program

Cornell Small Farms Program is an offshoot of Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). They have information GALORE for aspiring and current small farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, livestock producers, and more. Check out their upcoming workshop series on everything under the sun, with tiered pricing based on income level. Their newsletter is also packed with news, funding opportunities, events, and more! Subscribe to keep up with them and take advantage of these resources.

Rescue Mission Alliance of Syracuse

Rescue Mission Alliance of Syracuse (and also Auburn, Binghamton and Ithaca) offers emergency shelter, meals, supportive permanent housing, employment resources, and spiritual care to those struggling with homelessness and hunger. Listen to their podcast, Drinks From the Well, which opens dialogue and understanding between those who have been homeless and those who wish to know their stories. **VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED** for this awesome organization to deliver meals on Christmas morning – a great way to give back as a family!