‘Gather’: A Film on Food Sovereignty

Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, tells the stories of Native Americans and their food systems. Given all the problems of our current American food system, Rawal explains how we can use Indigenous knowledge and values to grow an abundance of healthy food that helps meet our needs in a way that is respecting of the Earth, and…

Ithaca Area Mobilization Campaign to Prevent an Election Coup

President Trump has publicly stated that he may not accept or respect a loss in this presidential election. We have reason to prepare for the worst case scenario. Help protect democracy by pledging to non-violently protest if President Trump attempts a coup. Read the pledge from Choose Democracy to learn more and sign the Ithaca-area pledge with as little as your name via Google form. Visit isthisacoup.com for a play-by-play of recent actions by Trump and the US government surrounding threats to American democracy.

Cornell Professor Awarded NYSERDA Grant to help NYS go Solar

Cornell Professor, Max Zhang, recieved a $200,000 grant, “aimed at determining efficient solar farm array configurations to avoid land-use conflicts or spoiling precious agricultural space”. More specifically, he plans to focus on 10 different land sites in New York State, to measure the viability of agrovoltaics – using land for both agriculture and solar arrays. Zhang’s research will provide scientific insight to policymakers as they make blueprints for the energy transition of the century. Read more about this story in the Cornell Chronicle.

Watershed rules & regulations approved by Auburn, Owasco officials

Auburn City Council and Owasco Town Board both approved new rules and regulations to protect the Owasco Lake Watershed at a special joint meeting this past Thursday. The meeting was to continue the work started in 2017 to update enforceable regulations – the first time since 1984. Public opinion seems to be split between environmentalists, and farmers wary of profit loss due to accommodations that are now required. Read the full article to learn more.