Help Invest Stimulus Money into Green New Deal

Billions of dollars are at stake in federal stimulus legislation, and we must make sure the money doesn’t end up in the coffers of fossil fuel companies.

Call Senator Schumer at 877-852-4710 and leave a message urging him to block a bailout of the oil & gas industry.

As our nation recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic, we must invest in programs that benefit people and the planet, including good green jobs in water infrastructure, not polluters.

As the Senate’s top Democrat, Schumer must lead the way in championing a Green New Deal and standing up to greedy corporations.

URGENT: Sign on to Oppose the Attempt to De-Fund NYS Clean Energy Programs

A letter to circulate to organizations in your network: Dear renewable energy and energy efficiency allies, It has been a while since we reached out to you about a major organizational sign-on letter, and we hope that this email finds you and your loved ones safe and with the resources that you need. As many of you know, Multiple Intervenors (an unincorporated group of large unnamed energy consumers with an undisclosed Board) has petitioned the Public Service Commission to stop collecting money for renewable energy and energy efficiency programs and to take the money NYSERDA is holding for such programs and use it to reduce energy bills. AGREE has written a comment in opposition to the petition, and we are inviting groups all over New York to sign on. There is a link to the text of our comment in the preamble of the sign-on form. There are better ways to make energy bills affordable, rather than the short-sighted effort to take money from public clean energy programs. (And those other efforts are underway in rate cases, through a different and more reasonable petition submitted by Public Utility Law Project citing numerous other sources of rate relief that is much needed, and with the rent/utility strike campaigns.) Multiple Intervenors has long opposed clean energy programs because their members (hidden from public view) don’t want to help pay for them. Their petition seeks to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to further their agenda of defunding these public programs. This “secret club” needs to be opposed. Please circulate the sign-on link to your organizational allies. Let’s drown their petition with opposition. The deadline for signing on is 5pm on Friday, May 15. Thank you! To learn more about this issue, read this Politico article.