Sustainability Events & Initiatives from Across the Region

Clean Heat Webinar this Thursday!

Achieving carbon neutrality in the building sector will require converting 100% of the fuels used for heating and cooling to zero carbon sources. Most technology applications to date have been implemented on a building-by-building basis, an approach that tends to limit the speed of transition, reduce efficiency gains, and depress the participation of low-income residents. A possible alternative is for an energy utility to transition an entire street to networked geothermal, which has potential for lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved air quality.

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Environmental groups earn unprecedented climate concessions in NYSEG/RG&E gas rate case

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) today approved a precedent-setting agreement hammered out between grassroots environmental groups, the NYSEG and RG&E utilities, and energy regulators to stop growing gas sales and turn toward renewable heating alternatives, while keeping gas rate increases low. The PSC additionally agreed with grassroots environmentalists and consumer advocates that the utilities’ proposed electric rate increases were too high and ruled to reduce them to 2% per year or less.

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BIPOC Farmer Training Program and Job Openings at Groundswell

Groundswell, Center for Local Food & Farming in Ithaca, has announced a Farmer Training Program for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color that will launch this coming Spring. Visit their website to learn more about this program and how to apply. Deadline is December 15th! In addition, they are looking to hire a Bookkeeper (Deadline: November 29th) and Communications Intern (Deadline: January 18th). They are also looking to fill some Leadership Committee seats. Don’t want to be behind a desk? Check out their on-farm volunteer opportunities. You can find all of these listings on their Employment page.

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Creekside Cafe

This Trumansburg cafe serves breakfast and lunch that is delicious, locally sourced, and farm-to-table! They offer takeout every weekend, and this weekend they’re featuring Down East Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese with a panko-parmesan crust. Visit their website to see their menu and place an order!

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The Bioscience Resource Project

The Bioscience Resource Project is an educational nonprofit which provides tons of scientific resources, with unique and revealing perspectives on issues that are fundamental to the survival of people and the planet. It publishes Independent Science News, a media service devoted to food and agriculture. They’ve also got internships and trainings for students! Check out some of their recent publications: ‘Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist his War on Life’ and ‘Why We Need A Small Farm Future.’

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Finger Lakes Wine Flour

These friends make flours from from 100% locally-grown grape seeds and skins and process them at their mill in Hector, NY! Wine flour can be used to supplement flour in other recipes with flavor, color and nutrition. In addition to antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, each tablespoon adds two grams of protein and three grams of fiber. Visit their website to order some of their autumnal cupcakes (which can also be made to accommodate our gluten-free pals)! They’re selling out quick!

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