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PFOS Found in Most Seneca Lake Fish at Hundreds of Times NYS Limit for Same Chemical in Tap Water, Tests Showed

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, PFOS contamination in Seneca Lake fish is a significant safety concern. Read this blog post by Peter Mantius for more information:

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ProSocial Discussions

(Tompkins Weekly, 3-8-2023, by Cathleen Banford) Recently, some folks met in downtown Ithaca to generate conversations centered on regional biological regeneration. Plans are underway to gather again, bringing local organizations into the conversation. Ithaca was just one stop of several for Joe Brewer and his partner Penny Heiple, who host webinars based on developing regional…

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Go Finger Lakes Trail Guide

The Finger Lakes region is known for its natural beauty, and there’s no better place to spend time outdoors. Spanning nine counties, 11 lakes, and about 9,000 square miles, there is an endless variety of nature trails to choose from. Go Finger Lakes has a trail guide to help you choose the right one.  Go…

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Finger Lakes Cider House + Good Life Farm

Finger Lakes Cider House at Good Life Farm is the hub of the hard cider renaissance in New York apple country, but they are about more than cider. “We grow a wildly diverse ecosystem of organic plants, animals, microbes, and ideas,” says Owner Garrett Miller. “We believe that soil health is human health and the roots…

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Bright Raven Farm & Apiary + The Honeybee Embassy

In celebration of Pollinator Week (June 20th to 26th), we are highlighting a local business that is a friend to pollinators. Located on the western side of Cayuga lake, Bright Raven Farm & Apiary cares for over 80 hives and produces local, raw, varietal honey. They have spent twenty years rejuvenating their land’s soil, and…

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