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Binghamton U Sustainable Communities Master’s Degree Program

A versatile program in a growing field, the Sustainable Communities program integrates environmental protection, economic vitality and social equity to solve the challenges of communities around the world. Their unique, interdisciplinary two-year program connects students to departments all over the university to ensure professional education across the broad pillars of sustainability. Get an MS or an MA; They are still accepting applications for Fall and Spring of 2021 (No GRE required)!

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Buy Nothing Groups

Buy Nothing groups create hyper-local gift economies. Simply join your local Facebook group, ask for what you need, gift what you don’t, and comment to claim! In the process you will get useful things for free, prevent waste, declutter your life, help out your neighbors, and form community connections that foster a spirit of generosity. Buy Nothing groups have truly taken off: “As of January, 2020 the Buy Nothing Project has at least 1.2 million participants in at least 25 countries, led by at least 6,000 volunteers”(Buy Nothing website). Want to join? Click here to see the map of Buy Nothing Groups and find one in your neighborhood!

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Jerry Dell Farm Store

Vaughn and Sue Sherman of Jerry Dell Farm have a mission to produce quality, fresh and local foods. They have been certified organic since 2000! Jerry Dell Farm Store, located at the Freeville location, offers certified organic produce (provided by Ithaca Organics), local free-range eggs, and their own Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese – as well as other Artisan raw milk cheeses from around the Finger Lakes. They also offer organically pasteurized frozen beef, maple syrup and raw honey. And, they’re certified to sell raw organic milk to the public. All produce is grown within 3 miles by Ithaca Organics, owned by Trever Sherman. Check out Jerry Dell Farm’s Facebook page to learn more about them!

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